We offer a range of workshops and training packages tailored to your needs. Below are some examples of the workshops that we have delivered:

    • Case formulation and conceptualisation

    • 'Common factors' in therapy and the therapeutic alliance

    • Desistance and reintegration

    • Forensic Theories - Theories of Crime

    • Group work skills

    • Interventions for the forensic population

    • Report writing skills

    • Risk assessments

    • Sexual and violent offending behaviour

    • Staff well-being and self-care

    • Transference and counter-transference and how to use it therapeutically

    • Trauma-informed care with forensic populations

Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements or for a comprehensive list of the training packages we do offer.

Professional coaching and mentoring

We also provide coaching and mentoring to other professionals who want to enhance their skills, engage in professional and personal development and work on continuous self-improvement within a supportive relationship.

For further information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.