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Referrals to PsychOrium

Who can refer?

Referrals can be accepted from:

We accept referrals from a range of sources and services. Please contact us to discuss the person you would like to refer, or your own referral.

Referral pathways

We offer services through the following pathways:

How do I refer?

You can discuss your referral by contacting PsychOrium here or calling us on (02) 8772 9559.

Here is the referral form. Please fill this out and send to along with supporting documentation.


This will be discussed with you at the time of booking your first appointment depending on your circumstances and needs. 

If you have a GP referral for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), then you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $93.35 per session, for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

If you are referred through one of the pathways listed above, then we will discuss what your out of pocket expenses may be, if any.

If you have private health insurance, then you may be eligible for a portion of the fee to be redeemable. You will need to discuss this with your insurance provider.


Payments are made on the day of your appointment.

If you cannot make your appointment, please advise us at least 48 hours prior to avoid incurring a late fee.