"Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity" - Roy Bennett

About PsychOrium

PsychOrium - Psychology with a difference

psych/sʌɪk/: mind : mental processes and activities

orium/ˈɔːrɪəm/: a place for a particular function

At PsychOrium, we strive to ensure that clients feel heard, understood and respected, regardless of their situation, past or concern. Taking a positive psychology and humanistic approach, we fundamentally believe that every person has a unique strength and we strive to maximise and build upon that strength. We have a focus on the person as a whole and want to help people be the best version of themselves. Moving away from a deficit focus, we use strengths-based approaches with our clients. PsychOrium strives to continuously provide clients with respect, a collaborative approach to working on goals, with compassion and authenticity, that ultimately allows us to act with integrity and honesty. These factors together enhance the therapeutic relationship, which is one of the most important components of therapeutic process and change.

We are a team of Forensic Psychologists offering services in English, Arabic and Vietnamese located in Sydney, Australia. We see clients Australia wide and around the Globe.

'Helping people achieve their true potential, one person at a time'

PsychOrium is a psychology practice that provides clinical and forensic assessments and interventions. It is underpinned by several core values, by which all the staff at PsychOrium seek to embody.

  • Respect : The word Respect comes from the Latin word "Respectus" which refers to attention, regard or consideration. To feel respected is a basic human right and at PsychOrium we treat all our clients with respect, acknowledging each person's individuality, identity and needs.

  • Authenticity : A central component of human interaction, and specifically a therapeutic one is authenticity - that is being true to one's self by having actions that are consistent with our beliefs. At PsychOrium, we believe in being true to ourselves and in trying to embody what we believe and in doing so, interactions with our clients are genuine.

  • Honesty : To be honest is to be truthful and sincere. You need to first be honest with yourself and others if you are to expect others to be honest with you. Being honest is related to integrity and means that you can face the issues that need to be dealt with. Our interactions with our clients are based on honesty because we believe that truth and sincerity get to the heart of the matter.

  • Integrity : Having integrity requires honesty as well as behaving in an ethical manner. Integrity is about choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than on personal gain. At PsychOrium, we ensure that we engage with our clients ethically, with honesty and accountability.

  • Compassion : Compassion allows you to suspend judgement so you can see the world from someone else's viewpoint - it is to look beyond your pain, to see the pain of others and want to help. We all bleed the same blood and compassion allows us all to connect with each other because we all suffer from the 'human condition' - it is a key factor to humanity. By having compassion, we are able to anticipate the needs of our clients and meaningfully meet those needs.