"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about" - Wendy Mass 

Dr Carollyne Youssef

Principal Forensic Psychologist, PhD

I have a passion for helping people in an empathic and compassionate way, in order to assist them to be the best version of their true self.

Those who know me, know how passionate I am about the work I do – I love what I do and I bring my diverse personal, educational and clinical experiences as a psychologist to my practice.

My training, qualifications, and expertise, together with genuineness, compassion and empathy help people get the traction they need to create real lasting and meaningful change in their life.

Practicing psychology since 2006, I still find therapy to be a privileged and compelling experience and I continue to strive to be the best psychologist I can be because there is always room for improvement.

I truly believe that compassion and kindness are key to effectively conveying a message to someone, no matter how difficult the message – it’s often not what you say, but how you say it that matters.

By starting PsychOrium, I sought to initiate and nurture a practice that works from a humanistic perspective, looking at the whole person and the uniqueness of each individual, maximising on intrinsic strengths. I truly believe that we all have a unique strength. Sometimes, it is just a matter of having someone offer a torch in your darkened room when the bulb has been blown; the answers are all there – they haven’t gone anywhere, the light is just out, temporarily.

I have a strong commitment to, and compassion for social justice, advocate fearlessly for those who are disadvantaged in society and am known to translate idealism into action; as Colin Wright says, “Idealism is only naïve, when it lacks action, determination and imagination”.  In order to break the cycle of abuse, we must stop perpetuating it by dehumanising, blaming and re-traumatising those who are most vulnerable.

More than just forensic psychology.

I take the time to get to know my clients on an intrinsic level. I have experience working with both men and women, as well as young people, couples and families and prefer to take a holistic approach when working with clients as people are not islands on their own. I have extensive experience working with those who have been involved in the criminal justice system as well as those who have been victimised. I have over a decade's experience in forensic and psychological assessment and writing reports for Local, District and Supreme Court matters.

Some of the presentations I work with include:

My approach is informed by an attachment perspective that utilises schema, narrative, and existential frameworks, underpinned by a positive psychology and humanistic approach. l believe in working collaboratively with, and being open to feedback from clients in order to maximise therapeutic gains. 

In terms of supervision, training and consultancy, I am motivated by the desire to mentor, collaborate, see potential and the 'bigger picture'. I aim to share knowledge whilst owning limitations and model the same ideals I profess. Similar to therapy, my supervision style is collaborative, warm and empathic as these are the qualities that make human interactions work. I also use reflective supervision with a strong deliberate practice focus.

My guiding philosophies.

My research, training, supervisory and therapeutic styles are deeply influenced by four key philosophical perspectives: Stoicism, Existentialism, Humanism, and Realism. These philosophical outlooks serve as the foundation for my work, guiding my approach to understanding and helping others. Stoicism teaches resilience and discipline, assisting in navigating life's challenges, while Existentialism encourages profound contemplation of life's purpose and individual responsibility. Humanism underscores the importance of empathy and compassion in my interactions, while Realism ensures a practical and grounded perspective in addressing issues.

Through the application of these philosophies, I endeavor to empower individuals to confront their struggles with courage and clarity. I prioritise creating a supportive environment where every individual feels valued and heard, drawing upon the principles of Stoicism, Existentialism, Humanism, and Realism to guide them toward personal growth and fulfillment. By blending strength, introspection, kindness, and practicality, I aim to assist individuals in finding meaning and resilience in their lives.

Educational Background

Professional Memberships


I am truly honoured to have been nominated as a finalist in the Courageous Leader category for this year's Outstanding Leadership Awards! It's truly humbling to receive this recognition. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who put forth my nomination, and offer a special expression of gratitude to the incredible team at PsychOrium!

I am deeply humbled to have emerged as the winner in the Western Sydney Career Woman of the Year category at the 2023 Western Sydney Women Awards! This recognition is truly an honour and a privilege. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who nominated me, and extend a very special Thank You to WSW, NRMA for sponsoring the category and the PsychOrium Team!